Lucky Patcher is an android tool used for modifying android apps. This tool does not have any individual owner; it is created after the joint effort of many Russian and Indian tech gigs.

This tool helps in enhancing the game playing experience and offers you full command, and ownership over any android application comes under their range.

You can modify existing features of any application as well as add new ones using this tool. This app helps in clearing the license of the owner so that you can distribute your own modified version of apps.

Speaking in general terms, this tool enables you to full hanky panky with the android applications. This tool is widely used by gamers to block disconcerting advertisements and to produce a new modified version of the game. This tool can also be useful for breaking into play stores and use paid applications from there, but mainly this app only works on installed applications.

For gaming, Lucky Patcher releases a list of games they can patch. You can download these games on your device and patch them according to your wish. This tool will buy amazing features, coins, and levels for you without paying any charge. It’s a boon for all gamers, but since it is a modifying tool. It can’t be downloaded from any authentic google source.

This app can be downloaded from official sites in free, one more compulsion for using this tool is that the device should be rooted. It can do magic out there.

In this article, we will talk about using the Lucky Patcher app on PlayStation.

Lucky Patcher on PS4

Lucky Patcher on Playstation
Lucky Patcher on Playstation

PS4 is the latest version of PlayStation; it’s the 8th generation of PlayStation. This gaming console offers a lot of multimedia features for its users.

Lucky Patcher on PS4 can do magic for its users. PlayStation 4 consists of a PlayStation store from where you can download third party software and games. By using a lucky patcher, one can modify these games and reinstall it in PlayStation.

Lucky Patcher offers modifying of any game without altering its real property. It basically modifying inbuilt purchases of the game so that gamers can buy paid items available in-game purchases without paying any charge out of free.

There are many games in which you must have to buy some items for clearing some levels of the game. These items are added by gaming companies deliberately to earn money.

The availability of modifying tools like Lucky Patcher will save money for users. They will get these all items without paying any charge.

On devices, Lucky Patcher not any function like a modifying tool, but it also works as a strong app manager. On PS4, which is an online multimedia platform, Lucky Patcher can act as a tool that will clear all web-generated caches, which comes due to online uses. It helps in managing space.

PS4 offers multimedia services like online television shows broadcasting, online video streaming, social connectivity, which will keep you connected with other friend users.

It provides a facility for the online song, watches recordings of played games, and server connectivity.

It also contains a huge collection of applications that anyone can download using their PlayStation app store. These all features run on the internet. The Internet will impose a number of annoying advertisements and popups while using these features.

Lucky Patcher will enable a user to block these terrifying advertisements from their apps.
PlayStation 4 enables its users to connect with a phone, but connectivity access is limited. One can see live streaming of running games, control navigation but can’t play PlayStation games on their mobile device.

For playing PS4 games in a mobile device, one will have to download an emulator, which slows down the performance of mobile devices. Lucky Patcher on PS4 can be a rescuer in this problem. By using the Lucky Patcher tool, you can mod the existing game on PS4 in the apk version and install it on your mobile or PC. Now You can play your favorite PS4 game without downloading any hectic ps4 emulator.

Just like there are many many other features, Lucky Patcher can enable on ps4. After talking about what Lucky Patcher can do on PlayStation, let’s talk about the features of Lucky Patcher and how a user will be able to use them.

Features of Lucky Patcher

Lucky feature is an android tool that enables lots of modifying for users. Some of those bulleted features are blocking ads, creating mods, removing a license, modifying apps in purchases, etc.
Now we will go inside the lucky feature application and talk about all their features and how a user on ps4 can access them.

It’s very easy to use an installed application of Lucky Patcher. On ps4, you can navigate using your controller or by your mobile device. By using them, click on the application using a cursor, and the app will be opened. On the first page, you will get to see all installed applications on your device.

From there, features like clearing cache, shifting the application to external storage, clearing data, etc. can be performed very easily by simply clicking on their separate icons.

As you will click on these apps, a bar will open, featuring many options. Some features, as explained in the above paragraph, also features in that menu.
For modifying or modifying the application, you will have to click on an option naming change menu patches. Patches are generally codes that play their role when any system is booting. Patches help the software to communicate with the system.

Patches are responsible for all the features an application performs. Lucky patcher app changes these patches to affect some features and working of the software, but it doesn’t intervene or change the original structure of an application.

By clicking on that option, i.e., change menu process, you will be able to make a change in application.

From there options for removing license verification, removing google ads, change the app’s component, create modified apk files, and remove ODEX, which changes kind of features come.

In removing license verification, inbuilt modifying codes in the application remove the license verification feature of an application. Removing license verification enables an application to be installed in any android device or emulator without asking for google permission.

Removing google ads feature removes patches which are responsible for popping up google ads once after getting internet connectivity.

In change the apps component option, one can modify the outlook and interface of the app; using this feature; you can enhance the features of the game.

From there, you can choose to create a modified apk version of the app. Using this feature, you can convert the application into a modified apk file, which will help in transporting that file to another device.

You can also remove already existing ODEX files from the application; it can completely change the components of the app, reason, because all the apps are written in apk form and removing docs, will change the components of the application.

In the same queue of features, one option comes named, support patch for in-app and LVL emulation, using this feature you can modifying features of any games, especially in-app purchases.

For modifying any feature of the game, firstly, you will have to scan things that you will require to upgrade your level and buy advanced items in a game. Like in a very popular android game, subway surfer coins are required for buying items and passing levels.

From Lucky Patcher using this option, you can modifying and get these coins without paying anything. You can get as many coins as required in free.

But for completing any modifying using Lucky Patcher, you will have to uninstall the real application and re-install the modified version on your device. Similarly, for PlayStation games and applications, lucky Patcher can offer these modifying. So we are going to talk about methods and steps one needs to follow for installing lucky Patcher on PlayStation.

How to install Lucky Patcher on PS4 and PS3

PS4 & PS3 are the consecutive latest versions of PlayStation. A gaming console offered by Sony Entertainment.PS4 is the latest out of that.PS4 & PS3, both the gaming consoles are equipped with internet connectivity, and one can download applications and games on these consoles by using the PlayStation store.

Lucky Patcher on these consoles can be effective in managing android apps and playing games. Talking about PS4 & PS3, then PS4 is the successor of PS3. One is the eighth-generation console, and the other is the seventh generation.
Nowadays, PS4 is called the most powerful gaming console in the world right now.

PS4 and PS3 have many differences in terms of their processor speed, disc allowability, controller frequency, graphics card, etc. PS4 is produced as a full-on multimedia package containing movies, tv channels, remote typing control, social media, etc.

The PS3 is also a multimedia console, and both are different in many aspects. Still, they have one similarity, and that is both are widely used for playing games rather than any other media uses, and they have a lot of the same games.
PS4 is a successor, so it has all the authentic PlayStations games as it was there in PS3.
Here in the case of both these PlayStations, Lucky Patcher can play an important role for its users.
This app can help them in keeping backups of all the applications and help by providing many modifying as well illustrated in the above headings.
For PlayStation, Lucky Patcher doesn’t have any special application. You will have to download the apk file from the official site and then install it on your device.

Now we will see all those steps one needs to follow for installing Lucky Patcher in PS4 & PS3.

Steps to install Lucky Patcher

For installing lucky Patcher on PlayStation, internet connectivity is essential.

Both consoles have internet connectivity, and they have their own browser.

Lucky Patcher doesn’t have any special version of their software for PlayStation, but it can get access to the PlayStation store. From the store, one can download android apps, so the ps supports android tools too.
Because Lucky Patcher is an android tool, it can be installed into PS3 and PS4. Now let’s see stepwise how Lucky Patcher can be installed on PlayStation 3&4.

  • The first and most compulsory step is to enable the internet connectivity of PlayStation.
  • Open browser is inbuilt in PlayStation.
  • Type the name Lucky Patcher in the search box. In the case of PS4, you can type using your controller or mobile device remotely.
  • Obtain all the search results; out of those search results, find out the official link of Lucky Patcher.
  • On the official site, you will see the current version of the apk file. Click on the download icon and wait.
  • Once the downloading is completed, you can open that file.
  • Click to allow your app installer to accept this file.
  • Accept terms & conditions as well as allow application whatever permissions it’s asking for, for successfully installing the application.
  • Once after the installation procedure is completed using this tool as per your wish.


Lucky Patcher is an android tool which is used to modifying games and other android applications.
This application has many exciting features like blocking google ads, creating modified apk, change components of the application, and modifying play store.
This application is an android tool, but it can also be used on PS4.On PS4, this tool can perform many functions like creating backups, removing ads, including modifying games.
Small modifying done by this app will save your money as well as upgrade your level in the game. You can also remove license verification and distribute your moded app.
This app has a reputation for malware, but the downloading application is not illegal. Among modifying android applications, this app can also serve as a good app manager which will manage your storage devices.

For installing lucky Patcher on PlayStation, there is not any special version is available. It can get access to PlayStation as an android tool because it permits downloading Android devices from the store.
For installing the Lucky Patcher app on your PlayStation, you will have to visit the official site and then download it from there.

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