If you want to get rid of annoying, irrelevant ads and pop-ups while playing any game, or you want to access the horizon of amazing paid features in any game without paying anything. You may also be willing to patch some mods in your favorite game, or sometimes you don’t want your game to be finished. You may be at some point of time wanted to play any video game, but couldn’t, due to money, one needs to pay for playing that game, at that time you must have wished to get any free copies of the game from somewhere.

Lucky Patcher on Mac PC
Lucky Patcher on Mac PC

Well, what if!… I say fulfilling all these wishes as well as even more than this is possible now. I think you have heard the story of Aladdin, then obviously you must be knowing about his Ginnie and the magical lamp. In this article, we are going to talk about the same kind of genie i.e., an application that will allow you to have full freedom and command over games and all installed applications on your device.

The genie about what we are going to talk about is Lucky Patchers. You will be able to know about all the things this genie can do in your device and how to make all these magics happen, at the end of this article.

What is Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is software that originated in Russia and India. This software doesn’t have any individual owner. The joint efforts of many individuals created it. This software is a tool that will help you in modifying games and other applications. You can perform many tasks using this, like blocking ads, creating ‘.apk.’ file of a paid app, managing space, enhancing features, eliminating license, and managing your memory. This app, which looks like a smiley, gives you control over all the installed applications in your device. You can see patches of the application and add or remove patches as per your needs.

Basically, it is an android tool and recognized as malware. It is illegal to use this for many purposes. For using this application, your device must be rooted. Otherwise, it’s function will be denied due to license and legal problems. You can modifying games using this tool, by modifying games, you can exploit many existing or non- existing features in the game. You can use paid items of the game without any money and also get coins and rewards for free. You can obligate the license of game and intervene it’s coding to create and distribute modified versions of even paid games.

The number of mods you can create depends upon your patching skills, but in general, you can easily block ads and create a .apk file of any application. For any rooted device, it acts as a powerful app manager. This app enables you to manage space, transferring applications from internal to external memory, stop all background activities, and reinstalling, uninstalling applications. This article is focused on using Lucky Patcher on Mac PC, so we will talk about all sources and procedures for downloading, installing, and using Lucky Patcher on Mac PC.

How to Download Lucky Patcher on Mac PC

Lucky Patcher for Mac
Lucky Patcher for Mac

Since Lucky Patcher is an android tool, you can’t directly download it on your Mac PC.
For downloading it on your PC, you will need to have an android emulator. Android emulator is a software that enables you to use an android smartphone on your PC. There are many android emulators software available, but out of those, we are going to talk about the most popular two android emulators.

We are going to talk about BlueStacks and Nox player. Using these emulators, you can download and use Lucky patcher on your Mac PC. These emulators will provide an android interface on your PC. You can download games from play store and play on your Mac PC, or you can use any general utility or social media apps from the android app store. For using Lucky Patcher on your android emulator, your android emulator must be rooted. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the full flaked function of this tool.

Lucky patcher is not an application that can be downloaded from the play store.You will have to download this application on your PC in .apk file from the internet then launch it by your rooted emulator.

Download Lucky Patcher for Mac using BlueStacks


To run Lucky patcher on your Mac PC, first of all, you will have to download Bluestack, which is an android emulator. You can download this application from the official website of Bluestack.

Bluestack android emulator claims to be fastest, and you can download the latest version of android emulator using bluestacks. On the official website of bluestack, click on the download button. It will take a little time before getting installed on your PC.

Try to get a rooted version of Bluestack if possible while getting any file of the rooted version of the emulator to make sure it doesn’t contain any additional malware. The version of Bluestack you will get from the official website is not rooted, but it’s authentic and doesn’t contain anything which can harm your PC. Rooting the official version of Bluestack is not very complicated, but all the procedures should be completed accurately. Otherwise, it can cause loss of Data. It’s better to back up all the data and apps in your emulator.

For rooting Bluestack go to android play store and download any application for rooting like Root check etc. and then follow all the procedures accordingly. Actually, it’s not compulsory to root your emulator for downloading Lucky Patcher, but for using full flaked features, it’s highly recommended to root.

Once your emulator is rooted, it is ready for installing and using all the features of Lucky Patcher without any worry of license or legal issues.

Steps to Download & Install using BlueStacks

After installing BlueStacks now, you can run all the android applications on your Mac Pc. Lucky Patcher from here can do magic in your game playing, and other application uses.

So, let’s see all the steps required for Downloading and installing Lucky Patcher using blue stacks.

  • From your emulator, search for lucky patcher
  • Obtain search results and visit the official site of lucky patcher by clicking on their link.
  • Open the website and download the latest available version of the Lucky Patcher app.
  • Wait, it will take some time to be downloaded.
  • After completion of downloading, it will be automatically saved in your documents.
  • Open that document and install it on your Mac PC.After installing, make it a home screen icon.
  • The easiest way from now is to the right click on that icon and click on Extract.
  • Then after dragging it and open in your emulator.
  • Lucky patcher will be saved among all the applications in your android emulator, and from there, you can use it easily.

Download Lucky Patcher for Mac using Nox Player


Similar to android emulator Bluestacks, about which have talked above. You can also download and install Lucky Patcher on your Mac PC by Nox player. Nox player is a very smooth and flexible android operating system emulator.

You can set your android interface as per your own wish. This emulator also saves your screenshots. Like any other android emulator, this application also accesses you to the play store from where you can download android games and play it on your Mac PC. You can download Lucky Patcher on this emulator and modifying android games to mod them as per your wish.

For downloading a lucky patcher on your Mac PC by Nox player, first of all, you will have to download and install the emulator itself. For downloading the emulator, you will have to visit on the official site of the Nox player from your search engine.

After that, simply download the Apk version of the application available for Mac. Try to get the latest version so that you can play the latest upcoming games. After downloading the file, open it, and verify all the documents, including terms and conditions. Then after click on the install button, and the emulator will be ready to use.

Like we have talked above, for using the full potential of Lucky patcher, your system should be rooted. So, download rooting applications from the play store and root your android emulator. Once after rooting, your Nox player Android emulator is ready; hence, you can go ahead to install and use Lucky Patcher.

Steps to Download & Install using Nox Player.

Now you can install Lucky Patcher on your rooted emulator, so let’s go stepwise.

  • Complete downloading and get Nox Player installed in your Mac Pc.
  • Log in using your google account to your android emulator.
  • Search for lucky patchers on the web and obtain search results.
  • Out of all the links obtained as search results, visit the official page of Lucky Patcher.
  • From the official page, download the lucky patcher app.
  • Install the apk file in your PC and drag open it by Nox player.
  • Now you can open Lucky Patcher in your Mac PC.

How to Use Lucky Patcher on Mac

In the above headings, you have seen how you can download and install Lucky Patcher in your Mac PC. Now we will talk about how to use Lucky Patcher on Mac. To use Lucky patcher on Mac, firstly open whatever android emulator you have installed like bluestacks and Nox player. From the emulator, you can download whatever game you want to play from the play store.

Go in the menu of applications and from their click on Lucky Patcher having a smiley icon. Once you click on this app, the Lucky Patcher homepage will come. On the homepage, you will see a list of all the applications installed on your emulator.
By using Lucky patcher, you can modifying them.

You can modifying any game by Lucky Patcher to accept online games. On the lucky patcher official site, you will get a list of all those apps which can be modifying using Lucky Patcher. Download these apps on your device, then go to the lucky patcher app. Click on any game which you want to modifying.

When you click on any application, a menu will open with many options. Like app info, launch app, an open menu of patches, tool uninstall the app, clear data, and move to sd card. By clicking on app info, you can see all the space occupied by app and license, etc. By clicking on the Launch app option, you can play any app. This app will work as a powerful app manager.

For adding and removing patches from the application, you will have to click on the ‘open menu of patches’ icon. By using this feature, you can intervene and change the original patches of the application and create a new ODEX file.

By clicking on this menu, various options will be opened by which you will be able to remove the license, remove Google ads, add support patches, change the app components, create modified application files and remove existing odex.

After making changes in the application, you can reinstall and launch the app without rebooting. Then after that, go on the original application, and you will be experiencing it in the way you have wished.


Lucky Patcher is an android tool that is used to patch and modify any android application. This app is generally not illegal but using it for some purposes which break the google terms is considered as unlawful. Due to its application in doing these illegal things, it is also categorized under malware. In order to use this application, your device must be rooted.

Mainly this device is made for android, and gamers use this app to modifying a number of games. You can also use this device on your Mac PC. For using this application on Mac PC, you will have to download an android emulator from where you can launch it. Two androids-based emulator Bluestack and Nox Play have been considered best for using this application.

Firstly, you will have to download the emulator from the web and then root them to run Lucky patcher. It can’t modifying all the Games. On the official site of lucky patcher, you will get a list of all the apps which mods are available on lucky patcher.

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