Applications and games have become popular among android users, so game and app developers keep on creating more prominent apps from time to time. They earn a considerable amount of money by locking the most features of games. These features can be unlocked by in-app purchases. Cracking applications became so prevalent on android these days that this has triggered a tragic influx to Freemium models to put a lid on unaffordable file sharing levels.

What is Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher, for all crazy game players, is the indispensable hacking app. This application lets to change some parts of the game so that players can fully enjoy the game. It allows us to adjust different forms in several ways.

Lucky Patcher is an excellent tool for modifying system apps, removing system applications, blocking ads, bypassing license verification, changing app permissions, and more. While Lucky Patcher needs root access, but without rooting the phone, you can still perform many tasks. To enjoy all the fantastic features of this application, rooting the android device is compulsory.

Some of the games which can be rooted by Lucky Patcher

  • Temple Run
  • Subway Surfers
  • Rail Rush
  • Hill Climb
  • Highway Rider
  • Mini Militia

Lucky Patcher is designed to bypass the Google Play’s payment checking system. So, you can easily in-make in-app purchases without actually paying your bills.


You need a rooted device to use the Lucky Patcher App, and it is quite a much simple to root a device, even if you aren’t very good at it. After installation, when you will run this app you will see a list of all the apps which you have already installed on the device and the related actions which can be performed.

Different color code on the name of each app indicates the functionality with the tool.

Purple: An app to start up a system
Yellow: This App has a particular patch
Green: You can register this App from Google Play
Orange: This is a System App
Red: This App cannot be changed
Blue: This App contains Google Ads

Features of Lucky Patcher

This application is regularly updated so it can support many Android devices. The following are some of the fantastic features of this app.

Manage Permissions
You download several applications and games on your phone, and these apps demand unnecessary permissions. You must not download such apps, but if you badly need any of these apps, you can remove the suspicious permissions so that this app will not steal your personal information and your privacy will also be protected.

How to Manage Permissions:

  • Click the App title and pick “Change Permissions
  • Click the permission to disable
  • Click the permission to enable
  • Now click on Apply

Remove Ads
These days, ads are by far the most irritating thing we face while playing a game or using an app. Several applications have good advertising behavior. However, most developers are spamming these days. So if you’re frustrated with these annoying ads too, then this app will bring you happiness. By installing the Lucky Patcher app, you can easily block Google & any other platform ads from your applications & games.

How to Remove Ads

  • Click the software /application name and choose “Add Google Ads”
  • Select “Fix to Replace Google Ads”
  • Test the app with internet
  • If ads are still showing press “Disable Advertising Activities.”
  • Google ads should have gone

Custom Patches
For many games and applications such as subway surfer, temple run, mini militia, app cloner, link2sd, and much more, you get several unique updates. Custom patches provide all the unblocked resources like boosts up, coins, gems, diamonds, etc. These patches can be used to update these applications and games for free.

How to Custom Patch

  • Click the app/software title and choose “Custom Patch.”
  • Test the app with internet
  • If you’re fortunate, the patch should work
  • You can tap “Restore” to bring an app in the original state

Bypass License Verification
Applications and gamers are often downloaded through third-party sites, so you get a license validation failure when running them or when they start first. It occurs when you download an application just outside of the Play Store or download some application that is paid. Lucky patcher app helps you in patching and bypassing the license verification so you can enjoy all the paid apps for free without license verification.

How to Bypass License Verification:

  • Always use the initial developer-signed APK archive as target
  • Click the software / App title and choose “Remove License Verification”
  • Choose Auto mode” and use internet access to check the app
  • If there is no result, then pick “Extreme Auto mode” or “Auto Mode.”
  • The program should have registered
  • Click “Restore” to bring an app in the original state

Free In-App Purchases
This app’s most significant component is free in-app purchases. It’s also the most widely utilized characteristic and the key reason behind the Lucky Patcher app’s millions of downloads. By this function, you can make unlimited purchases of premium items in your games and apps. So, now, while making a purchase, don’t waste money on these applications because lucky patcher will let you get everything for free. Its functionality doesn’t work for heavily secured games & applications, but it can still help you in many cases.

Move applications to SD Card
All the apps we use are mounted on the internal storage of the device by default. But, because of larger caches and app information, the phone gets out of memory. By installing the Lucky Patcher App, it is quite easy to copy the applications to the external SD card. Both the performance and storage of the device can be enhanced in this way.

Convert any App to System App
If you need an application to be installed permanently on your android phone, you can convert that particular application to the system application. This will be transferred to your device’s root and won’t be uninstalled from the device ever. Lucky Patcher app converts any app to the system app. This app conversion process involves the root access, or else this conversion would not be possible

Lucky Patcher app also lets you make the backups of the device’s items like account details, in-app software files, and many others, and the software can also be recovered from the backup.


It is a console for the videogames which lets you play a variety of games. Lucky patcher can be installed in Xbox One, and once it is installed, you can uninstall the unnecessary system apps and can also move the games from internal memory to SD card. You can use this app to overcome the restrictions generally enforced by the phone manufacturer or the creator of the apps.
This app allows you to enjoy all the in-app purchases at no coast, and you can also bypass the application purchase verification. Lucky Patcher Xbox One console blocks the advertisements on all applications which support the ad.

How to Install Lucky Patcher app on Xbox

Lucky Patcher for Xbox
Lucky Patcher for Xbox

Lucky patcher app is an android app, so an Android device will be required to install it on Xbox.
Before Installing connect the Xbox and android phone with the same network and then on the Xbox Console, select the option “Play To.”

Step By Step Procedure

  1. Open Setting on your android phone and go to Security > Device Administration > and turn ON the option “Unknown Sources” option.
  2. Open any browser on your smartphone and click the search bar
  3. Type as Lucky Patcher apk in the address bar and Tap on the magnifier button.
  4. You need to access any trustworthy site from the results page to install the Lucky Patcher apk.
  5. Type Allcast in the search bar of android’s play store
  6. Tap on “Install” and download the application Allcast on your Android phone.
  7. Launch the Allcast software, and it will search the Xbox controller which is linked to the same network
  8. Establish a connection by clicking the Xbox console and then connect the lucky patcher Xbox One Console
  9. You will see a remote sign on the lowest part and now use the Lucky Patcher app by tapping this icon for accessing the Xbox as a console.

Why Lucky Patcher is Not available on Google Play Store

This application allows Android users to avoid in-app purchases, and it removes the ads that are less efficient for application developers. As it is a cracking method so this app can’t be found on the Play Store. Always download this application from a trusted website.

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