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Going through all the games and applications on the play store can leave you drooling! Who doesn’t love playing games and trying out different and crazy applications on their android devices? However, this can get frustrating as well, with all those applications and games being full of money stealing and time-consuming in-application advertisements and purchases.

Download Lucky Patcher APP
Download Lucky Patcher APP

Most of the fun applications and games have locked levels and features in-game which make you go out of your way to pay for the experience. These applications force you to pay in order to fully enjoy their experience and at the end of the day, it gets annoying and ruins the application experience for everyone. Fortunately, you can solve this problem with an application called Lucky Patcher. An app that truly lets you enjoy your game and other applications without all those money-begging interruptions.

What is Lucky Patcher APK and how does it work?

Lucky Patcher APK is the ultimate application for android mobile gamers. What it does is simple, it allows users to truly experience android applications without all the hassle of having to buy the in-app purchases and going through those tiring tasks of grinding on games for hours to unlock cool levels and items.

What is lucky patcher apk
What is Lucky Patcher APK?

This crazy application not only helps in removing in-app advertisements and bypassing app permissions, but it also allows users to tinker with the system applications of android and modify them as well. Modifying your android applications doesn’t get any easier and Modding with Lucky Patcher app is a hassle-free and simple process.
The software can be installed and used both with rooted or un-rooted phones, but you will have to give Lucky Patcher root access in order to enjoy and utilize its features to the fullest. So, what are these features exactly?

Remove Ads

You can disable advertisements that make you irritated while using any app or playing your favorite game by using Lucky Patcher. Commercials often make you feel irritated and you end up losing interest in playing the game or using the app. What’s even more frustrating are the ads on the header banners and the pop-up ads. By clicking on a few buttons, you can disable these advertisements.

Gain coins and gems

Lucky Patcher gives you the chance to purchase as many coins, weapons, cash, characters and gems you want in your games. You don’t need to waste your precious money on greedy game developers. With the application, you get the chance to get what you want in just a few clicks!

Access paid applications

Want access to that paid application on the play store and don’t have money? No need to worry, Lucky Patcher gives you the ability to access as a large number of paid applications for absolutely no cost. You can also use the different paid application features which are found in many applications for free.

Convert standard applications to system applications

Do you have your favorite android application that you want to convert into a system application? With Lucky Patcher, you can do it! You’ll find the application on your systems folder in no time.

Transfer applications

With Lucky Patcher transferring that application from your SD card to your system memory or vice-versa is made super-easy. With Lucky Patcher installed you won’t have to go through the process of uninstalling your favorite game or application and reinstalling it to change its install location. The application also allows you to move and transfer system applications to your SD storage something which is otherwise restricted on android.

Save and Backup Data

Through Lucky Patcher, you can save and backup your precious phone data on an external file. In case something happens, and you want to retrieve your data all you need to do is open up the application and access the external backup file. This way you’ll get back all your data.

System Requirements for Lucky Patcher

Since Lucky Patcher apk is such a robust and advance tool for android which provides a host of rich features to users, it does have certain system requirements that would be needed to have it run smoothly.
For starters, Lucky Patcher requires at least 2GB of ram on your phone to work properly.
Secondly, the device needs to have at least android 2.33 Gingerbread installed.
Thirdly, the phone needs to have storage availability with a requirement of 8GB storage space.
Fourthly, although Lucky Patcher can work on a non-rooted phone, a rooted phone will allow you to utilize the application to its fullest.

How to install Lucky Patcher APK

1. Download the Lucky Patcher APK Installer

Lucky Patcher v8.6.7

2. Once downloaded run the Lucky Patcher APK installer
3. You will be shown a pop-up that prompts you to confirm whether you want to install the application, select “yes”.

Installer Lucky Patcher
Installer Lucky Patcher

4. Now the application will start the installation process and start preparing files APK to be installed on your phone

Preparing insrallation of Lucky Patcher
Preparing insrallation of Lucky Patcher

5. If you are prompted by a wizard which states your phone cannot install Lucky Patcher because it is an app from an unknown source you need to click settings on the pop-up.

LP Installer
LP Installer

6. In the new window enable the option to allow installation from this source application

Allow from this source
Allow from this source

7. Go back to the Lucky Patcher app installer window and click the install button and wait a few seconds for the application to install

install Lucky Patcher
install Lucky Patcher

8. After a while you will a window will pop-up showing you a message that you have successfully installed the application.

App installed
App installed

9. Now you can open the application, it will prompt you to uninstall the Lucky Patcher installer hit the yes button.

Do you want to uninstall this app?
Do you want to uninstall this app?

10. Congratulations! You can now reap all the benefits of the Lucky Patcher application.


This article talked about the Lucky Patcher apk application for Android 2.33 (Gingerbread) and above. The application is truly a great way to gain various benefits if you are an application and game lover.

Lucky Patcher allows you to gain full access to paid applications on the Android Playstore and unlock premium content on games that require a lot of time and money. It also provides users the ability to remove advertisements from applications and games, transfer them easily across different storage spaces of the device, backup data and change application permissions.

Downloading and installing the application is super easy, the only caveat being that your phone has to be rooted in order to gain access to all the features of the application. All in all, Lucky Patcher is a great application for android to improve your application and gaming experience.

Additional Lucky Patcher App Information

App Version: Lucky Patcher v8.6.7 for Android

Official Website:

File Size: 8.6 MB

Requirements: Android 4.0+

License: Free 100%

Average Rating: 10/10*

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